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2202, 2021

Why You Should Start Your Child’s Tutoring Early

By |February 22, 2021|Categories: Tutoring|

Do you find it to be a lot of work to get your child to start on their homework? Having to physically pull them away from watching TV, or needing to make deals with them just so they promise to sit still and do their work? As a parent, there MUST be a reason why you are so adamant about having your child finish their work - regardless of what [...]

1908, 2020

2 Major Ways COVID-19 Will Impact Your Child’s Upcoming School Year

By |August 19, 2020|Categories: Tutoring|

Online tutoring and learning are new concepts that are now well-familiarized with students and parents. Almost all K-12 students in BC have been impacted since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have missed out on face-to-face interactions from teachers. Many parents, guardians, and educators are now left to share a common worry: What will happen to my child once the new school year starts? These learning interruptions can create long-term consequences [...]

1004, 2020

Tutor tips: Summarizing the previous lesson

By |April 10, 2020|Categories: Tutoring|

For most, studying last minute doesn’t lead to high grades or a true understanding of course concepts. No matter how late you stay up going over the notes you’ve taken throughout the term, nothing ever seems to stick. As a matter of fact, as you are reviewing, you might even find some topics in your notes that you have completely forgotten you learned! Think back to how you write your notes. [...]

602, 2020

Tutor tips: Setting SMART goals

By |February 6, 2020|Categories: Tutoring|

SMART goals are one of the most effective techniques that keep you on track! We understand how beneficial goal setting can be in supporting our students to meet their objectives, which is why our tutors spend a significant amount of time with students to set SMART goals. There are 5 factors to consider when setting SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevance and Timely. Not very sure how to do this? Keep reading! SPECIFIC The more specific [...]




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