2 Major Ways COVID-19 Will Impact Your Child’s Upcoming School Year

Online tutoring and learning are new concepts that are now well-familiarized with students and parents. Almost all K-12 students in BC have been impacted since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have missed out on face-to-face interactions from teachers.

Many parents, guardians, and educators are now left to share a common worry: What will happen to my child once the new school year starts? These learning interruptions can create long-term consequences for students of all grades and abilities.

Here are 2 ways COVID-19 will impact your child’s learning this upcoming school year.  Not to worry – while learning is impacted, there are many resources that could supplement your child’s progress and catch them up to where they need to be!

Impact #1: Students may be behind, especially in Math.

As we always advise our students and parents at Luna Education, Math is like building blocks. If you don’t set a solid base, everything else you build on top will fall down. When students don’t have a good foundation in Math, they are very likely to struggle with more complex concepts throughout the years.

If your child is already having difficulties with Math concepts, they may be susceptible to fall behind when classes begin again. To combat this, our Education Program Manager has been working with tutors to find ways to assess our students early. This way, through both formal and informal assessments, we can understand where our students are academically, and build a lesson plan that works just for them.

Call us today to book a free Initial Assessment, and assess your child’s academic level!

Impact #2: Students now have more varied skills.

When students learn online over the summer, they start to have more variability in their skills. Think back to how your child pays attention during their online classes, in comparison to your friend’s child. Is your child typically fully concentrated and engaged the whole lesson, or do they go for quick breaks every 30 minutes?

By having classes online, teachers are unable to manage their students’ behaviours and actions. This leads to some students feeling liberated to succumb to distractions – whether that is by scrolling through their phones the whole time, or staring out the window and being disengaged. This creates an even wider gap between students who are excellent (E), good (G), satisfactory (S), and needs improvement (N).

When your child returns to school, their academic level may vary from the rest of their classmates. Consider resources such as one-on-one tutoring for your child to receive individualized learning, so they can focus on their specific learning needs.

Want to know more about how you can help your child succeed this coming school year?

Schedule a meeting with our Education Program Manager, who is also a certified BC teacher, to learn more about what you can do!


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