6 Do’s and Don’ts of Finding the Best Online Tutor

Derek was in Grade 9 when he started working with an online English tutor from Luna Education. Our initial conversation with Derek’s mom revealed that she was having difficulty finding the best tutor for him, since online learning was so new. How was she supposed to find the best tutor for Derek if she wasn’t even familiar with online classes?

Derek’s mother is not the only parent concerned about this. At the start of COVID-19, when classes started shifting online, many parents started to look for online Math or English tutors to help their children. 

A lot goes into finding the best tutor for your child. Here’s how to find the best online tutor so your child can have an academic advantage in Math and English.

Do: Find a tutor or company that shares your values. 

Tutoring should be a personalized experience. Oftentimes, you’ll find that your tutor is more than just a teacher to your child. They will also be your child’s friend and mentor, here to guide your child toward success. 

As a parent, you may want to look for a tutor who prioritizes the same needs as you do, such as building confidence, managing test anxiety, getting an improved grade, or more. 

Don’t: Choose a tutor who isn’t familiar with online teaching. 

Online learning is significantly different from in-person learning. Online tutors must now work differently to engage students, teach new concepts, and test student understanding of those concepts. 

For example, our online tutors now ask students to share their work by typing or taking photos of their answers instead of completing a worksheet using pencil and paper. This is a big change in how your child is taught. 

It is important to find a tutor who is familiar with teaching online, as these teaching strategies require additional experience.

Do: Work with tutors who are willing to personalize classes to your child’s needs. 

Customizing lessons to meet students’ needs is a huge part of an effective lesson. If your child is having difficulty paying attention in class, your private online tutor should have fun and engaging worksheets handy to keep them engaged. 

The benefit of private tutoring is that your child receives undivided attention from an experienced tutor. Your online tutor should therefore understand your child’s academic needs and personalize lesson plans to meet those needs.

Don’t: Only look for the cheapest option. 

We understand that price is a factor in finding affordable tutoring, but it should not be the only factor. Other aspects to consider are the tutor’s experience, whether your values align with those of the education company, and how teaching resources will be used. 

Luna Education provides reasonable rates and works within our clients’ budgets to provide students with the best after-school care.

Do: Make sure your child gets assessed on their grade level and skills. 

To teach your child effectively, your online tutor needs to understand your child’s academic level. After all, how can they teach your child if they don’t even know what your child needs help with? 

Initial assessments are an essential part of Luna Education’s process. Your child will be assessed by a BC Certified Teacher on the first day of class. This way, we can better understand your child’s areas of development, and tailor future lessons to address those areas. 

Find out more about our 3-step process and how we ensure our students get the maximum benefit from the get-go.

Don’t: Start tutoring before getting to know the company first. 

Whatever person you choose to support your child will be a big part of your child’s growth. That’s why it is important to find tutors who have values, goals, and approaches that you agree with. 

Be sure to take some time to become familiar with the tutoring company and online Math or English tutor that your child will be working with. This way, you can ensure you are giving your child the best positive influences.

Let us help you.

Finding the best online tutor for your child may not be as simple as it seems. Fortunately, our team at Luna Education is here to help make it easier. Learn more about how online tutoring can be beneficial for your child, and reserve your spot today.



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