English Language Learning (ELL) Tutoring

Available online and in-person

For a non-native speaker, English can be very overwhelming. Our team is here to support English Language Learning students by encouraging them to explore the English language and instilling confidence in their work.

Our ELL tutors work closely with a BC Certified Teacher to ensure that students are developing their skills at an appropriate pace. Think of us as your cheerleaders, cheering your child on to step out of their comfort zone and practice writing, speaking, and understanding English.

English Language Learning ELL Student Thinking

Customized Support for Non-Native English Students

Leave it to our team of BC teachers and tutors to understand what your child needs to catch up school. Our tutors make English fun by incorporating interactive and helpful activities so your child has a good time learning. At Luna Education, our tutors will work with a BC Certified Teacher to give your child a personalized learning experience. Some “Big Topics” we teach include:

  • Vocabulary and spelling
  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar and sentence structure
  • Public speaking
  • Analyzing complex text
  • Brainstorming and organizing ideas
  • Writing formal and casual text
  • Developing persuasive arguments

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Why Choose Luna Education's English Language Learning (ELL) Tutors?

Tutors you can trust. Trained and managed by BC Certified Teachers.

Count on our Education Program Managers, Certified Teachers in BC, to support your child. Our lesson plans and worksheets are sourced by BC Certified Teachers and are hand-picked for each student.

Customized lesson plans. So your child always stays interested.

Our tutors match your child’s pace and learning at school. This way, we’re never too fast or too slow. Start with an Initial Assessment to find out how our elementary school tutors can support your child.

Keeping parents involved. Because your engagement matters.

We keep parents updated by sending session reports after each class. Every semester, a BC Certified Teacher will also set up a call to report on your child’s progress. This way, you always know what’s going on.

Hear from our Students and Parents

We had a great experience with reading & writing at Luna Education. Tutors would email us with a review of what they did after every lesson. Homework and curriculum designed by a current BC certified teacher.
Thank you Luna Education! It's only been a month but my daughter's felt so much more confident with her Math homework and her teacher has seen really amazing progress. Thank you for making her engaged during class, and especially thanks to Jenny for being such an amazing tutor!
I strongly recommend Luna education if you need help with any subject. Denise and Nicole helped my daughter with math and English. Her concepts of math have become better.
tayyaba B.
tayyaba B.
I'm so thankful my friend had referred my to Luna Education. My eldest daughter has been struggling with school and we wanted a way to help her as me helping her was just not working. It may be my expectation for her was to high and tweenage years with mom wasn't going well.We decided to seek out a tutor who would be able to help her on a one to one basis as we knew a group setting wasn't something she works well in (social butterfly).And here we are, almost 1.5 years and the tutor Luna paired with my daughter has been amazing. My daughter has gotten more confidence and is more inclined to talk the tutor for help. Her grades improved, her mood improved, our relationship improved. I can't thank Luna Education enough for their assistance and help. They cater to our needs to ensure my daughter was getting the help she needed and help for what she could improve on. Our relationship with our tutor is awesome. Denise has been a great addition to our lives.Thank you so much Luna Education!
Thao P.
Thao P.
Tutor and manager very hands on. My daughter is in gr 7 and needs help in Math. Jeremy is very helpful and keeps me updated on what she needs in high school. My daughters tutor is the reason she stopped falling behind and feeling prepared for grade 8. I recommend Luna Education to my friends who are looking for helpful teachers. Thank you Luna team!
Emily C.
Emily C.
Absolutely loved learning from my tutor! I'm graduating high school and Nicole has tutoring me in English the past 2 years. Now that Im about to graduate, I'm definitely gonna miss her a lot! If you are looking for a fun tutor to motivate you, I recommend Nicole and the other Luna Education tutors!
Ka Kei Yang C.
Ka Kei Yang C.
Very happy with our tutor here. My cousin's English grade has improved over the past year. And he looks forward to classes with Sam. I am happy that Sam always updates me on my cousin's work, so I can make sure he is finishing all of his homework at school and from tutoring. Thank you Luna Education!
Ashley Y.
Ashley Y.
As a current student at Luna Education, I have to say I've had a really good experience. My tutor Aimee has been so encouraging when I first failed my pre-calculus test, and with her help I am slowly building to a B! There's been so many times I felt defeated at school, but I'm so thankful for Aimee for being patient and teaching me. Thank you so much Aimee and I can't wait for our next session!
David G.
David G.
Thank you Nicole for helping my younger brother get through pre-Calculus!Math was never his strong suit and he was starting to get frustrated and disappointed. 4 months of tutoring with Nicole, and my brother bumped his grade from a C to a high B. He even got admitted into UBC!
Carly G.
Carly G.
Fortunate to find Luna when my son & I arrived Vancouver from another country half a year ago by knowing nothing about education system in Canada. Luna provided their professional opinions to me. Unlike others, they’re not business sales driven, they do seriously focus on what students’ actually needs and provide appropriate support rather than pushing you buying packages. Their Chemistry tutor is very experienced, my son’s comment is the tutor’s pace is faster than the school. He liked this way as he can well prepare beforehand and pick up easily and his report card proved that. Thank you so much, Luna for all your help and support to us.
Lisa L.
Lisa L.
This place has helped my son a lot in math. Their teachers are easy to work with and very nice.
Vivian Z.
Vivian Z.
Anna is so friendly and patient. My daughter loves to spend time with her and is very happy in learning. Anna also gives feedback after every tutoring.
During my last year of highschool I needed a tutor for math. One of my friends recommended me to try Luna Education.They are a lot better compared to the other tutoring services I’ve used before.With other large tutoring services that my parents signed me up for in the past, I was always matched with whichever tutor was free, regardless if they were a good tutor or not.After I did an initial assessment at Luna, they made sure to pair me with a tutor that matched my learning style and ultimately helped me get into university.Thank you Natalie!
William L.
William L.
I was tutored by Sophia for Grade 10 English. One of the reasons why I struggled at school was because I had a hard time keeping track of all my classes. Since Sophia is a student teacher, I found that she is a lot more trustworthy and knowledgeable compared to my past tutors from other companies. Sophia not only helped me with reading and writing, but also gave me a lot of tips on how to juggle schoolwork with my personal life. She always took the time to understand what I am struggling with, and would come prepared the next class with worksheets and resources just for me. It has been a pleasure learning from Sophia, and I credit a lot of my English grade to how Sophia has helped me throughout the year. Thank you so much Luna Education and Sophia!!
Jayme W
Jayme W
I had a great time being tutored by Rianna for English. She helped me solidify my writing for essays and gave me detailed notes on important factors of how to write different types. The goal for our sessions was to prepare me for the English Provincial.

Rianna was an amazing tutor that was very patient and understanding. She was very organized and came prepared for each of our sessions. It gave me the impression that she was very reliable and that she cared about my studies as much as I do. I was able to learn more and knew what I needed to work on as we went along. The more I learned, the more my confidence in my writing grew.

I had a positive experience with Luna Education and I would definitely recommend it to others that need any tutoring. Luna Education cares about the students and what their needs are which, is an important factor.
I had a very positive experience of being tutored by Ian Sun in the subject of Math 104 (Business Calculus).

This tutor was professional and I highly recommend him because he not only had a good grasp of the subject matter, but clearly and with patience could explain the solutions to specific problems as well as larger math ideas in a way that I could understand, and on a flexible schedule.

Specific things which were outstanding about this tutor was how he went on his own time to grab materials to help me to visually understand concepts. Most importantly, he always prepared summarized notes to make it easier for me to consistently study.
I went from an F to an A- in Calculus, thanks to Jeffery and the Luna Education team!!!!!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

I failed it the first time, so I made sure I had a tutor the second time around. I was really frustrated because I just wanted to pass the course so I can take the next level courses. Thankfully, my neighbour referred me to Luna Education, and after assessing my needs, had Jeffery start working with me.

Jeffery prepared his own notes for each session and guided me through every chapter very meticulously. His notes were specifically written to address my questions and to focus on topics I was having a hard time with. He showed a lot of interest in my learning, and created a lesson plan for us to follow.

Jeffery was also very very very patient with me. I remember having to do a question seven times and I still didn’t get it (sorry Jeffery 😂😂). But every time, he would find a different way to explain it to me until it made sense and I was able to do it on my own.

To be honest, I was just aiming for a C (because that’s good enough for me to move on), but believe it or not, I GOT AN A-!!!!

Thank you SO much, Luna Education! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I could tell from my first meeting with my Education Advisor that you truly cared about my learning, and ensured that my tutor would fit my exact needs. You have well exceeded my expectations! Thank you! 👏🏻👏🏻
I have two tutors from Luna Education, Cici & Jeremy. Cici tutors me on english, she has been helping me with writing paragraphs, summaries, and my grades in english has improved a lot! I have been struggling with writing paragraphs, I didn't know how to start off a paragraph or end it. Cici came and helped me with that. Cici has been wonderful! Jeremy tutors me on math, and he tells me that it doesn't matter if I get the answer right or wrong, as long as I try my best and understand how to do it. Jeremy has been very supportive and he told me his goal for me is to have a better understanding of the concept of math. I have always had trouble with math, ever since I was little. I didn't understand how math worked. So i've always struggled. And I usually get very frustrated, I couldn't understand why everybody else in my class can do it, except for me. But Jeremy told me that everyone learns at a different pace. For me, I just learn at a slower pace than everyone else. Which he told me, was absolutely okay! Jeremy has been great! I definitely recommend Luna Education! 🙂
My daughter could never get exceptional math scores because of careless mistakes. She tried to fix it but didn't know how. After meeting with Natalie, Natalie pointed out the weak points of my daughter and her final mark for her Grade 12 math became 95. And the English tutor from Luna Education, Manas also helped my daughter with the English 12 Provincial exam for ONLY 2 weeks and her score increased by 9 points! I am very satisfied with the results as a parent and I definitely recommend Luna Education.
Natalie tutored my daughter in Math 11 and 12. She is extremely knowledgable and confident in her ability to explain concepts and ideas. She knowns all of the material very well, so she is able to answer questions easily. She is reliable and made every effort to accommodate my daughter when extra tutoring was required before exams. I would confidently recommend Luna, as I know she would train her staff to the same standard that she provides to her students.
If anyone is in need of a little help...or desperate help for a math, especially Pre-calculus, I would highly recommend giving Natalie Poon a shout! I found Natalie after going through about 3 other tutors in just one year to help me in Pre-Calculus 11. From almost failing at first term with a 49.5%, I ended up with a 75% in third term because of Natalie's great tutoring skills as well as her motivation. Natalie works hard to ensure that if one way of learning seems too complicated for you as a student, there is always other options! Her patience, care, and flexibility for scheduling is what helped boosted my grade in math as well as made me a more confident student. Thanks to Natalie, I achieved the grade I needed in order to go to UBC for arts and couldn't be more happy where I am today as a first year university student. Since Natalie has helped me tremendously, I've given rave reviews to my friends about her skills and she has become a great tutor to others I know as well. By the way Natalie teaches her own students, I believe Luna Education would be an excellent choice for others who wish to improve in subjects they struggle in. She trains her tutors to the best of her availability and chooses the best tutors for each individual student!...I don't mean to brag but Natalie is one of the best tutors I've ever had and I'm thankful that she has helped me get to where I am today!
Natalie tutored me in math for around 5 years. My goal was to feel comfortable and confident with numbers, and Natalie helped me achieve that goal. During our lessons, if I didn't understand something, she takes the concept and explains it in a simpler way with everyday objects. Even if I still didn't understand the material, Natalie would find another way to explain it differently. She is extremely knowledgeable in this subject and whenever I have questions she always has the answer. I would definitely recommend her tutoring services to others.