Frequently Asked Questions

Our tutors support students from elementary to high school. You can find more information on this topic at our Classes & Rates page.

Taxes are included in our prices, found in our Classes & Rates page.

Tutoring sessions typically take place in the comfort of the students’ homes, to provide them with a safe and convenient learning environment.

However, our tutors are also able to meet at public places such as libraries or our office, or host online sessions if needed.

In light of COVID-19, online classes are offered via Zoom.

Upon the initial assessment of the student’s needs, our Education Program Manager will recommend the number of hours of tutoring for the student. This continues to be discussed throughout the school year as the student progresses and their needs change.

From past statistics, one to two hours of tutoring per subject each week has been proven to be most effective for students to reach their academic goals.

Similar to students’ learning styles assessments conducted at the Initial Assessment, our tutors are assessed on their teaching styles. This allows for effective tutoring sessions based on learner/teacher fit.

We also take a look into personality fit so our tutors are able to complement your child’s learning style, needs and dynamic.

One of Luna Education’s core commitments is to provide parents with constant communication.

We ensure parents are involved in the student’s progress by providing detailed updates via e-mail after each session.

Yes! Our tutors are available all year round, and are able to continue to support students throughout long school holidays.

They are trained to not only provide assistance with students’ current schoolwork, but also to preview and prepare them for upcoming school courses.

Beyond meeting the education qualifications, our tutors are invested and committed to supporting students to improve and grow. Tutors are provided training on the different learning styles of students, and the best ways and techniques to support them in their education.

Each tutor is also paired with a manager who guides them throughout the school year, to discuss any challenges or high points of their tutoring experiences to better enhance their teaching skills for each student.

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