Grade 1 Curriculum

Helping young students build a strong study foundation.

First grade students are challenged to learn bigger things this year. Reading takes off, math becomes more complex and science and social studies explore beyond kids’ inner circles.


Goals for a Grade 1 Student

English 1 Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 1 student:

• Use information and prior knowledge to make meaning

• Organize and present ideas through writing and speaking

• Identify upper and lower case letters, their sounds, and names

• Retell the main idea of a story and participate in discussions

• Read independently for 10 minutes

How your English tutor will help:

✔ Introduce strategies to use pictures and print to convey meaning

✔ Generate ideas for writing like using ideas from stories

✔ Practice spacing between words, capital letters, and punctuation

✔ Brainstorm writing by expanding on ideas and using vocabulary

Math 1 Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 1 student:

• Understand place value into the hundreds

• Count by twos, threes, fives, and tens

• Use blocks or models to demonstrate addition and subtraction

• Begin to understand the concept of more, less, and equal

• Begin to measure time, temperature, length, and area

How your Math tutor will help:

✔ Make real life connections to numbers using personal life

✔ Engage in problem solving stories that are connected to real-life 

✔ Introduce math vocabulary, such as more, less, and equal

✔ Represent ideas in pictures and symbols, such as building blocks

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