Grade 1

“First grade students are challenged to learn bigger things this year. Reading takes off, math becomes more complex and science and social studies explore beyond kids’ inner circles.”

Goals for a Grade 1 Student

English Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 1 in English:

✓ Use information and prior knowledge to make meaning

✓ Organize and present ideas through writing and speaking

✓ Identify upper and lower case letters, their sounds and names

✓ Retell the main idea of a story and participate in discussions

✓ Read independently for 10 minutes

How Your English Tutor Will Help:

✓ Introduce strategies to use pictures and print to convey meaning

✓ Generate ideas for writing including using patterns and ideas from stories

✓ Practice spacing between words, capital letters, punctuation and spelling

✓ Brainstorm writing by expanding on an idea and using words choice

✓ Provide guidance in writing from top to bottom; left to right

✓ Practice using phonetic spelling to write independently

Mathematics Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 1 in Math:

✓ Understand place value into the hundreds

✓ Count by twos, threes, fives, and tens

✓ Use blocks or models to demonstrate addition and subtraction

✓ Begin to understand the concept of more, less and equal

✓ Begin to measure time, temperature, length, and area

How Your Math Tutor Will Help:

✓ Make real life connections to numbers using student’s personal life

✓ Engage in problem solving stories that are connected to real-life places and stories (eg. money concepts and usage)

✓ Familiarize students with mathematical vocabulary, such as more, less, equal

✓ Represent mathematical ideas in pictorial and symbolic forms, such as using building blocks