Grade 11 Curriculum

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In Grade 11, roles and responsibilities start to increase. Students start to think about their plans for graduation. It is key for students to stay focused to get ahead of their academics as graduation is only one year away.

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Goals for a Grade 11 Student

English 11 Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 11 student:

• Analyze text for similarities and differences, and cause and effect relationships

• Evaluate an author’s style of writing to influence different audiences

• Analyze text to express insight or respond by connecting to other texts or situations

• Interpret technical and non-technical documents used in job-related settings

How your English tutor will help:

✔ Teach methods to voice original ideas, demonstrate content knowledge, and listen critically to build upon ideas of others

✔ Introduce strategies for reconstructing and expressing multiple points of view on a text

✔ Guide the process of writing multi-paragraph essays of different styles (argumentative, expository, narrative, descriptive)

✔ Practice ways to evaluate reliability, credibility, and validity of information from a variety of sources

Math 11 Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 11 student:

• Solve trigonometry, such as non-right triangles and angles in standard position

• Answer questions with radical operations and equations, and polynomial factoring

• Understand how to solve equations with various forms of mathematical reasoning

• Understand financial literacy concepts such as compound interest, investments and loans

How your Math tutor will help:

✔ Increase knowledge on abstract concepts (trigonometry, rates of change, indirect measurements)

✔ Demonstrate how to use technology to solve equations, such as the usage of a graphing calculator

✔ Introduce statistics and its usage in real life problems

✔ Develop problem solving skills on real life math problems necessary for post secondary classes


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