Grade 11

“In Grade 11, roles and responsibilities start to pile up. Students start to think about their plans for graduation and life after secondary school. It is key for students to stay focused and organized to maintain or get ahead of their academics as graduation is only one year away.”

Goals for a Grade 11 Student

English Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 4 in English:

Read independently for up to 40 minutes

Summarize a story’s plot, setting and characters

Build vocabulary by reading, and use sentences as context to determine meaning

Write with a clear beginning, middle and end using a variety of sentence forms

Revise own work by adding description and detail and editing for punctuation, spelling and grammar

How Your English Tutor Will Help:

✓ Practice writing in complete sentences with a central idea organized logically

✓ Provide guidance in revising student’s work by challenging their critical thinking skills

✓ Introduce strategies to write with a clear beginning, middle and end

✓ Introduce the analysis of poetry and different forms of written text

✓ Practice spelling common words and using basic punctuation

Mathematics Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 4 in Math:

Multiply up to three-digit numbers and divide by three-digit numbers

Apply the concepts of measuring and determining the area of 2-dimensional shapes

Compare two and three dimensional figures using shapes, lines, and points

Explain answers verbally, pictorially, and in writing

Develop a spatial sense of geometric shapes

How Your Math Tutor Will Help:

✓ Visualize math concepts such as using fractions and decimals to represent quantities

✓ Challenge student to justify mathematical ideas and decisions

✓ Promote develop mental math strategies

✓ Introduce financial literacy for understanding of real life problems

✓ Introduce technology for exploring mathematics

✓ Introduce strategies for telling time with analog and digital clocks