Grade 2

“Second grade students have an increasing attention span, meaning that they can learn more difficult concepts in one sitting and apply them to real life. They will learn advanced addition and subtraction, and work hard to become a fluent reader.”

Goals for a Grade 2 Student

English Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 2 in English:

✓ Read with basic comprehension, phrasing, and attention to punctuation

✓ Make predictions and connections, ask questions and simple inferences

✓ Use experience and knowledge to connect to stories and make meaning

✓ Understand literary elements, poetic language, and figurative language

✓ Retell the main idea of a story and participate in group discussions

How Your English Tutor Will Help:

✓ Introduce strategies to use pictures and print to convey meaning

✓ Practice writing words and understanding the connection between letters and sounds

✓ Revise writing by expanding on an idea, using word choice with author’s voice

✓ Practice spacing between words, capital letters, punctuation and spelling

✓ Practice using phonetic spelling to write words that are not known

Mathematics Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 2 in Math:

Explore time, measurements, and identify coins

Read and write numbers through the hundreds

Measure using length, time and weight

Collect data and use simple charts and graphs

Draw and sketch geometric shapes

How Your Math Tutor Will Help:

✓ Make real life connections to numbers using personal life

✓ Introduce visualization strategies with mathematical concepts to allow for realistic understanding

✓ Familiarize student with mathematical vocabulary and visuals, such as graphs and charts

✓ Challenge student to justify mathematical answers with explanations instead of numerical responses