Grade 3

“Third grade is a great year of academic growth. Students move from being concrete thinkers to becoming more open to abstract concepts. They will learn multiplication and will begin writing in organized paragraphs.”

Goals for a Grade 3 Student

English Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 3 in English:

Read with comprehension, phrasing and attention to punctuation

Use personal stories and experiences to make meaning

Recognize and use different forms of text, such as oral, written, and visual

Read medium-level chapter books with expression

Read independently for up to 30 minutes

Summarize a story’s plot, setting and characters

How Your English Tutor Will Help:

✓ Practice writing in complete sentences and with a central idea

✓ Revise work by adding description and detail, and editing work for punctuation, spelling and grammar

✓ Introduce writing strategies with clear beginning, middle and end

✓ Practice using paragraphs to organize ideas using a variety of sentence forms

✓ Read, summarize and analyze student’s writing

Mathematics Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 3 in Math:

Understand place value into the thousands

Know basic addition and subtraction including regrouping

Multiply up to three-digit numbers and divide by two digits

Create and solve fractions and decimals

Divide objects into equal parts using fractions

Measure using weight, temperature, length and perimeter

How Your Math Tutor Will Help:

✓ Make real life connections to numbers and counting

✓ Practice visualizing math concepts for a realistic understanding

✓ Familiarize student with mathematical vocabulary

✓ Challenge student to justify mathematical ideas and decisions

✓ Develop mental math strategies 

✓ Begin to teach algebra