Grade 5 Curriculum

Bringing confidence with learning.

Grade 5 is a time where students are expected to take more responsibility for organization and long-term planning. They will start to learn algebraic math, write book reports and explore various social issues in depth.


Goals for a Grade 5 Student

English 5 Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 5 student:

• Read independently from a variety of genres

• Gain a deeper understanding of stories by reading between the lines

• Analyze and discuss author’s use of word choice, similes, and metaphors

• Read from a variety of voices and think from different points of views

How your English tutor will help:

✔ Improve basic writing skills including proper punctuation, accurate spelling, and the use of contractions

✔ Introduce the use of similes, metaphors, and specific word choices to catch readers’ interest

✔ Encourage student to write with an emphasis on voice, word choice, and organization

✔ Provide feedback on student’s writing

Math 5 Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 5 student:

• Create and solve fractions, decimals, and percentages

• Understand factors, multiples, prime, and composite numbers

• Use place value & number patterns to solve equations

• Understand shapes and figures, such as parallel, perpendicular, and symmetry

How your Math tutor will help:

✔ Encourage reasoning to teach concepts, such as relationships between areas and perimeters, and fractions and decimals

✔ Challenge student to justify mathematical ideas and decisions

✔ Practice mental math strategies to make sense of quantities and differences

✔ Increase knowledge of algebra and probability

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