Grade 6

“In Grade 6, students begin to take part in activities that enhance social responsibility. Tests and exams become more common this year, as students prepare for high school.”

Goals for a Grade 6 Student

English Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 6 in English:

✓ Read various story genres, such as fantasy, humour, adventure, and biographies

Understand different text forms such as oral text and written text

Use of literary devices, sensory detail, and figurative language

Summarize stories and identify the main parts of a book

Recall and retain what is read, including facts and the main idea

How Your English Tutor Will Help:

✓ Practice basic writing skills such as proper punctuation, accurate spelling, contractions, and use of writing trains

✓ Introduce the use of similes, metaphors, and other literary devices

✓ Analyze and practice letter-writing strategies, including greeting, content, and closing

✓ Promote writing with an emphasis on voice, word choice, organization, and the use of proper grammar

✓ Provide feedback on student’s writing

Mathematics Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 6 in Math:

Create and solve questions with fractions, decimals, and percentages

Explore proportions and ratios

Understand and apply concepts of factors, multiples, and prime numbers

Understand how to measure angles and identify their properties 

Use mental math and patterns to solve problems

How Your Math Tutor Will Help:

✓ Use reasoning to make connections and problem solve

✓ Visualize mathematical concepts to allow for a better understanding, such as using fractions and decimals to represent quantities

✓ Challenge student to justify mathematical ideas and decisions

✓ Demonstrate and teach mental math strategies to make sense of quantities and differences

✓ Introduce the application of multiple math strategies in one problem, such as order of operations