Grade 7 Curriculum

Setting students up for success in high school.

Students in Grade 7 will receive an increase of responsibilities both in their classrooms and within the school community. At school, students will develop more social responsibilities and community-building skills.


Goals for a Grade 7 Student

English 7 Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 7 student:

• Read texts in various styles including drama, poetry, essays, and short stories

• Use resources to increase vocabulary and gain a deeper understanding

• Read and write from a variety of voices and viewpoints

• Use suspense, foreshadowing, and dialogue to show rising action and conflict

• Organize ideas by selecting information appropriate to a particular topic

How your English tutor will help:

✔ Improve basic writing skills and writing traits

✔ Practice using similes, metaphors, and specific word choice to catch readers’ interests

✔ Develop student’s research skills through analyzing texts

✔ Practice the use of time, place, audience, and purpose in text

✔ Teach how to distinguish between fact, opinion, and reasoned argument

Math 7 Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 7 student:

• Create and solve questions with fractions, decimals and percents

• Use statistics and graphs to answer mathematical questions

• Answer questions using numbers, words, and pictures

• Apply simple ratio and proportions in various situations

• Solve questions with rational numbers, including square roots and integers

How your Math tutor will help:

✔ Use reasoning to make connections and problem solve

✔ Visualize math concepts such as using graphs and charts

✔ Challenge student to justify mathematical ideas and decisions

✔ Promote and develop mental math strategies

✔ Strengthen reasoning skills to prepare for high school math concepts

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