Grade 8 Curriculum

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Grade 8 is where students experience a new way of learning in high school, where they go from having one teacher to different teachers for every subject. Organizational skills will be needed as students are required to be independent and in charge of their own learning.

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Goals for a Grade 8 Student

English 8 Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 8 student:

• Read longer texts in various styles including drama, poetry, and short stories

• Use resources to increase vocabulary and gain a deeper understanding

• Read and write from a variety of voices and viewpoints

• Use resources to gain a deeper understanding by reading between the lines

• Reflect on and edit written work from self and peers

How your English tutor will help:

✔ Improve writing techniques in poetry and short stories

✔ Teach techniques for writing expressive and creative texts, with an emphasis on voice, word choice, and organization

✔ Present relevant facts and ideas by teaching techniques to evaluate bias of sources

✔ Introduce strategies for articulating a particular perspective and point of view

Math 8 Curriculum

Expectations of a Grade 8 student:

• Use statistics and graphs to answer math questions

• Understand and apply formulas such as the Pythagorean Theorem to shapes

• Analyze how a change in linear dimension affects volume and surface area

• Develop a spatial sense of geometric shapes and draw conclusions

How your Math tutor will help:

✔ Introduce abstract concepts such as squares, roots, and the Pythagorean theorem

✔ Challenge students to justify mathematical ideas and decisions

✔ Increase financial literacy for understanding of real life problems, such as when to make purchases and sales

✔ Introduce multiple math strategies in one problem such as Order of Operations

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