Meet The Team

Management Team

Natalie Poon

Co-Founder & Director of HR

Natalie graduated from SFU with a Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour. As the Director of Human Resources, Natalie’s role is to train and develop tutors to work with students of different backgrounds and needs. Her goals are to support tutors in increasing their students’ performances, and to build a strong community within the tutors.


Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Nicole graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Marketing. Nicole is in charge of all internal and external communications – including social media and website management, graphic design, and client presentations. Through marketing campaigns, Nicole aims to promote the wonderful work of the Luna team, and to share knowledge on how to help students learn effectively.

Jeremy Lui

Education Program Manager

Jeremy is a certified BC teacher, and graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Education, focusing on secondary school Social Studies.  As Education Program Manager, Jeremy oversees student progress and tutor performance. He fosters a positive learning experience for both parents and students by supporting and guiding tutors as they proceed to tutor and mold the minds of the community.

Rachel Tang

Business Administrator

Rachel is the Business Administrator, and handles all administrative tasks including maintaining tutoring schedules, coordinating payroll, and distributing monthly invoices. She has had 2 years of experience working in higher education at UBC, where she is involved in processes related-scheduling for students.


Abhi Dabla

Abhi tutors elementary and junior-high students in English and Math. He prefers using a facilitator-teaching style, where he promotes self-learning, self-actualization, and critical-thinking skills for his students.

Amy He

Amy tutors elementary school students in English and Socials. She enjoys and values getting to know students both academically and personally to build a strong rapport with them.

Anna Zhang

Anna tutors elementary and high school students in English, Math and Mandarin. She likes to take a student-centered approach to teaching, where they have hands-on practice in learning.

Denise Wong

Denise tutors elementary and high school students in English and Math. She strives to make genuine connections with her students by ensuring they’re open to expressing any questions or thoughts.

Harrison Ye

Harrison tutors elementary and high school students in English and Math. He teaches in a way that shows qualitative improvement, to demonstrate to his students that they are constantly learning and growing.

Heather Ranger

Heather tutors elementary and junior-high students in Science and Math. She likes to teach using a demonstrative approach, so her students can learn how to do something from start to finish, and mirror it going forward.

Janine Polderman

Janine tutors K-12 Math, English, and Science. She practices discussion based learning, emphasizing the importance of asking questions, interacting, and guided self-discovery.

Kate Reilly

Kate tutors English as a Second Language, English Literature, General Writing and Academic Writing. She considers herself as a facilitator of learning, and she encourages her students to come to conclusions on their own and to learn by doing.

Kelvin Leung

Kelvin tutors high school students in Physics and Math. He teaches in a way that uses examples to demonstrate different ways around methods and ideas.

Nikole Hu

Nikole tutors elementary students in English and Math. She aims to teach by incorporating activities that relate to students’ interests to make lessons fun.

Omaya Aftaita

Oma tutors elementary and high school students in Sciences and Math. She likes to teach by having open discussions. This way, she can help students discover and develop independent learning habits.

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