10 Goals For Your Week

January 21, 2017

Whether you want to start setting multiple weekly goals or stick to nailing one goal at a time, here’s 10 ideas of what you should focus on working on next!


Read 1 chapter per day.

It’s tough to cram 10 chapters a few days before your exam. Try reading bits of the chapter every few hours, and you’ll finish your textbook in no time!


Get started on one thing you’ve been putting off.

Set a goal for yourself to start on something you’ve been putting off. Whether that is cleaning up your room or writing your college applications, break up your task into small chunks and finish it by the end of the week.


Get up when your alarm goes off.

Ditch the snooze button and challenge yourself to get out of your bed right away. Even though it’s tough to leave the comfort of your bed, you’ll no longer have to rush to school or work every day.


Go to bed at a reasonable time.

Sleep is important for your health. Most healthy adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to function, while children and teens need even more.


Squeeze in 15 minutes of exercise per day.

Don’t have the time or motivation to hit the gym? Just tell yourself that you will only be working out for 15 minutes. With this small commitment, you’re bound to hit the gym (and probably stay there for longer than 15 minutes too)!


Eat more vegetables.

You’re not the only one who’s having difficulties reaching your daily quota of vegetables. Check out these recipes to get some inspiration of how to make the most out of the veggies!


Limit screen time after school.

Most of us have been on our phones and computers all day, to come home to even more time on the screen. Change it up and kick back with these ideas for relaxing after a long day.


Drink more water.

Staying hydrated has so many benefits, including increasing your energy, improving your skin and boosting your immune system. Fill up your water bottle, keep it by your side and drink up!


Practice something for 20 minutes.

We all have something we want to learn or touch up. Spend 20 minutes of your day practicing something new, and you’ll soon pick up another new skill!


Explore a new place.

Learn more about your community and your town by visiting somewhere new. Check our your local art gallery or simply walk a different route home. You’ll be surprised to see what you have discovered.

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