Study Tips for Spring Break

February 25, 2017


Spring Break is coming up and we're all super excited! But as much as we'd love to spend every waking second relaxing and hanging out with friends, our conscience is reminding us to allocate some time to spend on schoolwork. Learning to manage schoolwork while enjoying your time off is an essential skill to have. Here's a couple of tips of how you can support your child in studying effectively this Spring Break!


Make a plan together. 

Sit down with your child and make a plan for Spring Break. Take note of any major assignments or tests due after the break, and create a flexible study schedule for your child. Making the plan now will prevent stress later and keep your child accountable for their work. Be sure to make time for fun too!!


Keep up on sleep and nutrition.

Everyone needs down time, and there's nothing wrong with catching up on some sleep. With no alarm clock to mark breakfast time or lunch bell to announce lunch break, it's easy to accidentally miss a couple of meals. Make sure you and your child still eat plenty to get enough energy!


Go to the library if you need somewhere quiet. 

Studying at home may be difficult and distracting. Don’t forget that libraries are still open during the break, and is a nice quiet place to get things done and work in peace.


Use time waiting in airports and on long car rides to study.

Going away for a trip but still want to keep up with schoolwork? Encourage your child to take short bursts of study sessions as they're waiting. Even these little study breaks help with retention, and make the return to school easier when the break is over.


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