Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn

April 24, 2017


One-on-one tutoring fills a need that can't be filled in today's schools alone. Parents and educators are coming to the realization that tutoring is used as a stepping stone to understanding, analyzing, and putting the skills and knowledge to use.  Mentoring, tutoring and coaching is exactly what students need most.


At Luna Education, we recognize that great teachers help create great students. Having a knowledgeable and approachable teacher is a key factor to a student's academic success. That is why we put such a big focus on tutor training and development within our team.


Whether a teacher is a novice or has years of experience, support and guidance are always needed. These could be provided through mentoring and coaching. Through these learning opportunities, tutors are able to analyze and reflect on their best teaching practices. Ongoing professional development keeps our tutors up-to-date on new teaching research, emerging learning tools for the classroom, new curriculum resources, and many more.


Contact us to learn more about how tutor development takes place at Luna Education!

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