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May 1, 2018



Who are we?


Luna Education is a K-12 education company based in the greater Vancouver area. We provide thoughtful and customized care for each student by matching their needs with the perfect tutor from our team.


We recognize how difficult the learning process is, especially for students who are behind their classmates. We go above and beyond traditional tutoring services by providing in-home lessons, daily session reports and long-term lessons plans created by committed education professionals.


There is no standard curriculum at Luna Education, as each relationship is designed to be unique to each student so they can focus on what really matters – learning.


Why work with us?


At Luna Education, we stray away from traditional hierarchies of employees and managers. We value collaboration and open discussions between peers, and provide mentorship opportunities from Education Advisors to further support new tutors in reaching their full potential.


As a tutor at Luna, you will gain more confidence in yourself and can help other students gain that same confidence. You build rapport with your students and their families, and this relationship makes you feel connected to your students' academic progress, making this a really rewarding job, from every aspect.


Working at Luna Education is the perfect fit for any student or recent graduate, regardless of your career goals. Whether you are pursuing Accounting, Finance, Healthcare, History or Nutrition, working with Luna Education can help you develop the interpersonal, communication, conflict resolution and leadership skills to help you succeed in any domain.


Perks of being a tutor


At Luna Education, we recognize the importance of a work-life balance. As our tutor, you will be provided the flexibility to create your own schedule - from your availability, to locations you can travel to, to the subjects and grades you will be teaching.


If this is your first-time teaching, Luna Education will train and support you every step of the way. With formal training workshops every semester and monthly meet & greets, you will be able to ask tough questions and work with more experienced tutors to find creative solutions to your problems.


Luna Education provides a culture where you will have peers to rely on for advice, feedback and sharing stories and situations to improve as a tutor. As a company, we strive to find people that have the same passions in supporting students. You will get to do what you love, get paid for helping and motivating students to reach their full potential and feel that your passion for tutoring is genuinely shared among the team!


Who are we looking for?


Passion is the most important aspect of being an educator. All of our tutors carry with them the same sense of dedication towards their students and their progress. We are looking for individuals passionate in being a mentor and support system to their students.


Our tutors not only support students academically, but also help them through test anxiety and other issues hindering them from excelling at school. An open mind and positive attitude are essential for our tutors, as we believe in creating a safe and encouraging environment for all students in different situations.


Joining Luna Education is not only for those seeking careers in the Education field. The skills and knowledge you’ll gain apply to any individual, regardless of your career path. We love working with individuals who recognize the importance of professional growth and personal development, which is why we do not emphasize on only bringing individuals with teaching experience on board. Rather, we are looking for individuals hoping to develop skills to become a well-rounded professional.


More important than excessive experience, we are looking for individuals whose social skills allow them to relate to their student, allowing for stronger student-tutor relationships. The strength of a student-tutor relationship depends on the tutors’ ability to socially relate to their student, which will encourage student success and willingness to listen to the tutor. Therefore, customer service experience is a requirement.


Individuals must meet the minimum legal working age in BC. Previous working or volunteering experience with elementary and/or high school students is an asset.


Once you have passed all training and assessments in the program (which will take place July and August), you will be offered a paid part-time position at Luna Education as a tutor starting September.


What is the hourly wage?

Hourly wage ranges from $17.50 - $30.50.

How to apply?


Apply at the following link by May 31, 2018:


Interviews are scheduled to take place in June. Mandatory training will take place in July and/or August. Please note down in your application if you will be unavailable during these times.



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