A Look into our Summer Training Workshop

August 21, 2017

Ever wondered what we mean when we talk about tutor development?


At Luna Education, academic success is not the only quality we look for in tutors. We also highly value a tutor's passion for teaching and their ability to be a positive influence on students and peers. 


Over the weekend, our tutors attended a training working led by Natalie, one of Luna's Education Advisors.


Natalie graduated from Simon Fraser University in Human Resources, with a specialization in Recruitment and Training. She started as a Junior Tutor, transitioned to a Senior Tutor and has now taken on a leadership role as an Education Advisor. Her years of tutoring experience complements her educational background, as they allow her to understand the challenges our new tutors may face and give helpful tips on how to overcome them.





Our tutors spent the afternoon practicing different teaching techniques and learning how to tailor lesson plans to fit each student's needs. For some of our more-experienced tutors, they even shared tips on what has been working for them!


The workshop was action-packed with brainstorming sessions, informative lectures, and team discussions. If you were to ask us though, group activities were by far our favourite! 


In groups of three, tutors worked through common problems they may come across in their careers. This may include setting up a formal meeting with parents to discuss their child's progress, thinking out-of-the-box for ways to better explain difficult concepts, or simply empathizing with a struggling student.  


Team activities like these not only further develop our tutors' problem-solving skills, but they also encourage our tutors to be more comfortable with giving and receiving feedback!


As we say here at Luna Education, we are here to support our tutors in giving the best learning experience to students. These training workshops gave us the opportunity to learn more about each other in a casual environment, and we can already see a sense of teamwork and cooperation!

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