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Tips to get ready for school

September 1, 2016



As August is reaching its end and September welcomes us, here’s some tips for our students (and our tutors!) to get organized and adjust to the new school routine!


1. Time management is key.

Set up a schedule that adheres to your specific needs. Make sure to not only incorporate enough time to do homework and study, but also to balance it out by watching some TV and spending time with your friends!​


2. Get your binders ready.

One thing that has always worked for us is to have 1 binder for every 2 subjects. This would reduce the number of lengthy trips to your locker in between classes, and definitely lightens your backpack when you have to take home class materials for exams season. Also, it would buy you more time to hang out with your friends during period breaks!


3. Print out a calendar and block out your school schedule.

Mark down the days where you have tests, presentations, days off, or have assignments due. This allows you to plan ahead and allocate your time accurately to satisfy your academic needs.


4. Clear up your workspace and stock up on school supplies.

Make sure your study area is a quiet, distraction-free space. Stray away from the TV or computer, and you’ll be sure to finish your work in a fast and efficient manner!


5. Set goals for yourself for this upcoming school year.

At Luna Education, we believe that once you set realistic goals, you naturally make decisions that are aimed to accomplished your goals. Setting goals and committing to them are important skills that not only students, but also parents, can master.

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