Tutor Tips: Summarizing the Previous Lesson

For most, studying last minute doesn’t lead to high grades or a true understanding of course concepts. No matter how late you stay up going over the notes you’ve taken throughout the term, nothing ever seems to stick. As a matter of fact, as you are reviewing, you might even find some topics in your notes that you have completely forgotten you learned! 

Think back to how you write your notes. Do you normally leave a few lines of space between every set of notes? Or do you start on a new page every class?

If you have answered “yes”, you might have unintentionally reinforced the idea that the concepts between each of your classes aren’t connected!

In reality, concepts from previous classes are directly linked to topics taught in future classes – how else would we perfect our multiplication skills if we don’t even have the basics of addition down? This is a common problem most students have – they either forget or don’t value the importance of reviewing what they learned last class.

Because of this, our tutors at Luna Education implement a simple tip each class: summarizing the previous lesson

Our tutors are advised to spend the first 5 minutes of each session reviewing with their students important concepts from last class. By doing so, students get a quick refresher about topics that are directly related to new concepts they will learn. This 5-minute review also allows our tutors to maximize students’ learning during the session.

Instead of spending a portion of the session re-explaining topics, our tutors can focus on ensuring that the individual needs of the student are met, whether that would be giving them a head start on new materials, or going over difficult questions or concepts they have a hard time understanding!



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