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At Luna Education, work with BC certified teachers who teach through motivation and inspiration.

Our team understands that getting good grades should not be the only result of learning. We also bring confidence in learning. This means that your child will step into their tests knowing they will do well, enter the next grade believing in their abilities, and step up to every academic challenge thrown their way.

Luna Education provides online tutoring in Vancouver and in-person tutoring at our Richmond location. We also service students in Burnaby, Surrey, Kerrisdale, Marpole, South Cambie, South Granville, Oakridge and more via our online tutoring services.

Looking for a tutor near you? Contact Luna Education today and start working with a tutor who cares about your child’s future and is committed to helping them become their best!

Why Luna Education?

Luna Education was founded by Natalie and Nicole – two sisters from Richmond. Growing up, Natalie and Nicole did not understand the importance of establishing good study habits. It wasn’t until they were in high school that they realized their tutors were not only there to help with homework, but to also build their confidence and lay the foundation for their studies and careers. Later on, this experience with tutoring sparked their own careers in education.

With this mentality, our team is here to help your child be the best student they can be. We empower students to be confident, knowledgeable students who can reach their potential. Whether you are looking for an elementary school or high school tutor, count on our tutoring services to bring your child to the next level!

Step 1

Initial Assessment

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Meet with our Education Program Managers for a free Initial Assessment. We will create a learning plan that fits your child.

Step 2

Get Matched

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Based on your results, meet and work with your tutor to build more confidence and skills towards your child’s academic success.

Step 3

Year-Long Support

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Receive progress reports from your tutor after each session. Our Education Program Managers also touch base every term.

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So your child can stay one step ahead.