Why You Should Start Your Child’s Tutoring Early

Do you find it to be a lot of work to get your child to start on their homework? Having to physically pull them away from watching TV, or needing to make deals with them just so they promise to sit still and do their work?

As a parent, there MUST be a reason why you are so adamant about having your child finish their work – regardless of what grade they’re in. That’s because you understand the importance of education.

Tutoring is a great way to invest early in your child’s education. By giving your child a clear path to develop mentally and socially, you are helping them learn and grow into the amazing person they could be. Luna Education’s Math and English tutors can help your child with the fundamentals as early as you like, even before they start school. 

Here are two reasons why we believe starting your child on tutoring can benefit them in more ways than you think:

#1: Tutoring Will Develop Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

Something we’ve recognized at Luna Education is the importance of thinking critically and problem-solving. These skills set your child up for success, as they form the basis of how they will choose to approach problems and issues. When they can build these skills during their primary grades, they will take their learnings and make it a habit for the rest of their academic years.

By getting used to working with a tutor who positively challenges their thinking, your child will become more aware of themselves and their abilities. Studies show that students who begin learning before Kindergarten are more likely to score higher on tests, in comparison to other students who haven’t received early education. Why is that?

That’s exactly because early education classes like English and Math tutoring help students develop their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, allowing them to evaluate questions and situations properly, and usually, correctly.

Reason #2: Tutoring Will Hone Your Child’s Social Skills

Tutoring isn’t just for school subjects like English and Math. The fact of the matter is: tutors spend a LOT of time just talking to your child. Conversations can be in the form of asking questions about your child’s day, discussing a school topic with them, or even answering a question your child may have.

As they have more and more of these conversations, research shows that these frequent discussions actually help boost students’ social, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 


By having these conversations, your child now becomes more confident in interacting and connecting with someone other than their family members. Having developed social skills can help your child in fitting in at school, making friends, and being confident when speaking up.

You will see how your child reaps these rewards by noticing their confidence in voicing their opinions, and seeing how they get along with their friends at school. It’s confidence and social skills like these that take them a long way – all the way to adulthood!

Closing Thoughts

A lot of times, we attribute tutoring to after-school learning. While that is true, our tutors also do so much more.

Here at Luna Education, we understand your child is unique. That’s why our tutoring methods differ from student to student. While our Math tutors can help with concepts like algebra, they also focus on empowering your child to set up good study habits. And our English tutors not only teach topics like classic literature, but they also prioritize enhancing your child’s public speaking skills.

If you’re wondering how you can set your child up for academic and personal success, schedule a free Initial Assessment with our Education Program Managers and learn more about your child’s skill level and learning needs!



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