Why Your Child Should Read Every Day

For many students, reading may seem like a tedious task. Especially with so many educational resources out on the horizon (yes – we’re talking about all the textbooks, resource books, Sparknotes, Quizlet decks, etc), it may be overwhelming to expect students to read and retain everything presented to them. However, there is a silver lining. Studies show that the more a student reads, the better they learn to determine useful information and make meaningful connections to the world.

Reading really doesn’t have to be a laborious task. As a matter of fact, if you encourage your child to set up a habit of even reading just 30 minutes a day, it may work wonders. 

It’s all in the numbers:

If a student reads 30 minutes each day, they would read 210 minutes each week, amounting to 840 minutes each month. In a year, they would have read for 182 hours. That’s 7.5 full days of reading!

On the other hand, if a student reads for 10 minutes only 4 times a week, they would read 40 minutes each week, amounting to 160 minutes each month. In a year, they would have read for 34 hours, which is not even 1.5 days of reading.

Being a good reader comes with many benefits, which is why our English tutors at Luna Education are such strong advocators of improving reading comprehension strategies and making reading a fun habit.

By encouraging your child to read more, you are allowing them to:

  • Think critically about what they’re reading
  • Apply concepts to real life
  • Improve their focus and concentration
  • Have a wider vocabulary bank

Our English tutors can help little ones achieve excellent spelling, reading, and comprehension. Schedule a free initial assessment with Luna Education to find out your child’s grade level of reading and comprehension! Speak with our Education Program Manager to learn more about our resource library exclusively used by our Luna Education students.

Wondering where you can find online English stories for your child to read? Check out some of our favourite free resources here:



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