3 Reasons Why Your Child Needs an English Tutor

English is a subject that is essential for students to do well in. Whether it is writing a professional email, reading reports, or speaking at a presentation, we can agree that having good grammar, punctuation, and writing/speaking style are very important skills for students to have.

In British Columbia, English is the only subject that students have to take until they graduate in Grade 12. This shows the importance of having a good foundation in English, as it sets students up for success in their post-secondary adventures and in their careers. This is why it is so important to work with experienced English tutors who can help your child soar and succeed. Keep reading for 3 reasons why your child could benefit from an English tutor today.

Reason 1: To Learn Organization Skills

Every day, millions of ideas float in your child’s brain. Whether it is wondering about what they want to do after school, or thinking about what food they’re craving to eat, your child is constantly thinking about which thoughts they want to share and which ones they want to keep to themselves.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, learning English is not just like learning a language. When students take English classes and work with a tutor, they are learning how to organize their thoughts through various tools. For example, when a student is asked to write a story, the first step is often to create an outline. The reason for this is so they can organize their thoughts in a way that logically makes sense to other people.

A good tutor with teaching experience will work to constantly challenge their students to think critically and objectively. When your child works with a private tutor, they will spend time learning how to gain organizational skills in their way of thinking. This will reflect very clearly in how they reiterate their thoughts both verbally and in writing.

Reason 2: To Gain More Confidence in Public Speaking

Public speaking skills do not come naturally to most students. In fact, it is very normal for students to get nervous before a presentation and get those pre-presentation jitters. Confidence is a skill that needs to be practiced, and one way is to be familiar with the language. Imagine having to stand up in front of everyone and speak a foreign language – whether that is French, Chinese, Punjabi, or Japanese. It would be very normal for you to feel uncomfortable and shy. However, what if you could do the same presentation in your mother tongue? We’re sure you would feel a lot more at ease then.

By working with an English tutor who has English as their native tongue, your child will not only learn how to read and write, but they will also gain knowledge on tone and reflections that come intuitively for native speakers. Our Education Program Manager at Luna Education helps students create lesson plans that allow them to practice and gain confidence in public speaking. This can take place in the form of a read-aloud exercise every tutoring class, practicing small talk, or even learning about when to take pauses. Through these activities, our tutors help students become more comfortable with standing up and speaking to a group of people.

Being confident in speaking their mind and talking to a group of people is extremely important for a child’s future. Public speaking and communicating are skills that come in handy outside of school. When your child is applying for a job, they have to rely on their speaking abilities to make an impression and share their abilities and experience. At the same time, when your child is asked to make a presentation in front of their peers or coworkers, they have to channel their confidence and years of experience practicing speaking to make a powerful, impactful statement that resonates with others.

Reason 3: To Communicate Well With Peers

As much as we promote the importance of standing out and being unique, we cannot deny that it is important for a child’s development to fit in and have a close group of friends. In a school, you may see that students who speak the same language tend to stick together. This is mainly because they can communicate clearly to each other, and in turn relate to each other’s experiences. That is why it is important for students to be familiar with the English language, as it allows them to fit in and make friends at school in Canada.

How Luna Education Can Help

Here at Luna Education, we’ve recognized that English is an important component of each learning subject. By being adept in the English language, your child will better understand what is taught in class, through knowing a broader range of vocabulary and having more context when teachers refer to different examples. Our online tutors help children all over BC gain a better grasp of English. Schedule a FREE Initial Assessment with our Education Program Manager to find out your child’s academic standing and how we can help. Contact us today!



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