How Tutoring Helps Children Build Leadership Skills

Parents often want their children to develop leadership skills that will benefit society. However, not all students are comfortable taking on leadership roles. It takes a lot of practice and patience to teach leadership to children, but it can be done! Here are 3 points you should keep in mind to help teach your child leadership skills.

1. Practice Public Speaking

Student practicing public speaking to build leadership skills

Not every student is comfortable speaking in front of a large group. If your child has trouble sharing their thoughts, an English tutor can incorporate public speaking activities and prompts as practice. 

As Nicole, our Co-Founder, says, “When I was younger, I despised public speaking. I would spend weeks worrying about presentations. It was only after I started learning public speaking techniques from my English tutor that I felt more confident about presenting to a group. These skills have carried over to my University years, and now in my job as well.”

Public speaking skills can help your child feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group, as well as encourage them to share their opinions with their peers. By being comfortable with speaking their mind, your child will become a leader who believes in their stance and influences their classmates.

2. Encourage Decision Making

Students raising hands in a classroom

Making decisions for the greater good is a critical skill for leaders. This involves your child not only being able to decide for themselves, but also considering the perspectives of others before presenting an idea to their peers.

Your child’s Math or English tutor can provide activities that encourage good decision-making and promote making informed choices. Here are some examples of what our tutors have done in the past:

  • Analyzing Indigenous history in Canada, and considering what people can do to continue amplifying Indigenous voices.
  • Reading current events about world issues and coming up with actionable ways to make our community better.

Our tutors at Luna Education are here to help your child become an independent thinker. Thus, we encourage students to make decisions in their English writing, provide justification in their Math answers, and express their opinions clearly during public speaking.

3. Practice Self-Awareness

The more your child understands themselves, the more effective they can be as a leader. It is important for your child to practice self-awareness, as it ties into many aspects of their life. 

For example, self-aware students will be aware of how confident they feel about a test they will take. If they feel like they aren’t ready, they would know that they have to study harder or to reach out to their tutor for extra help.

Likewise, if your child is self-aware at home, they will notice when they are in a bad mood with the family. They can step back and assess their mood and actions, and voice out their concerns if they have any.  

During tutoring classes, your child’s Math or English tutor will encourage them to practice self-awareness. By teaching children to be self-aware, we can help your child manage their stress, make better decisions, and ultimately lead others to do the same.

English teacher reading a book to a group of students.

Help your child become a leader

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